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sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Leading school via teams

Schools have too much hurry for a good, deep conversation and dialogue. Teachers meetings are full of items and leaders can't listen every each teacher and their voice in normal daily life. Mainly principals work should be listening folks and talking with them.

That's way schools should have another forum for discussion and dialogue. We have noticed that teams inside the school has given us plenty of time to innovate and talk. Both of our schools teams (entrepreneursship and sustainable teams) include 7 teachers and 2-3 students. This way also students take part planning the school year and other events.

Teams make their own goals and targets for the school season and how they measure that and who persons are in charge for actions. Principal belong both teams but only as an expert and member of team, not as headmaster. Teams have little money for goods and teachers get salary for doing this kind of work. Also we use immaterial goods paying the job. Team members usually share the leadership of the team. Also students can lead their team as well. This kind of system has given us more discussion and more flat organization model. And it really works !

Aki Puustinen
Headmaster of Muurame High School

2 kommenttia:

  1. A lack of conversation is common problem in schools. There has to be regular time for that. In our school every teacher belongs to one team. So everyone participates. We also plan lessons as a team and afterwards have discussion, how we did.

    I work in elementary school where kids are ages 7-12. We are figuring out ways to get some feedback from our pupils. Also parents' should be more involved in schools. I know that in many schools parents have a some role in planning education. I guess Aki and Esa can tell some examples about it.

    Also blogs and other web2.0-tools could be forum for conversations. Maybe we engage students first and they will show it to their parents.

  2. We have in our school parents foundation with principal, one teacher, student member and 7-10 parents. We have meetings four times/season and discuss school's events. Parents also participate theme days and graduate day. They have small mount of money (own budget) and usually they want give students relaxation and fun. Some parents could also give lectures or teach us.They share our joys and challenges. Parents live school together with students and teachers.