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torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

Innovative and learning community

Nothing will ever replace people and good interaction. We want to get people together to share. It is important to put people talking each other. Successful, spontaneus meeting could improve understanding and at the best we discover something new. With this method we can progress creativity. Innovations are simple : two separate things or thoughts put together could give us a totally new one. Remember KISS (keep it simple with students) !

For us this learning community with all participants (teachers, students, other staff) means listening their thoughts, involvement, positive attitude and growing together. We want to see oppurtunities everywhere and learn from these challenges. We want to learn from every our members, because youngster can teach us in many areas. Only you have to listen them carefully and take them seriously.

We need to learn how to lead ourselves. You can't lead others until you can lead yourself. How you lead your actions, feelings, tasks and thoughts. That is the BIG question for everyone. So we must observe and evaluate ourselves. And for this job we need other people to do that.

We believe that we need more sharing, learning and leading in the future.

Aki Puustinen
Headmaster of Muurame High School

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  1. Hello Aki,

    I really like your thoughts on school leadership and leadership in general. I will keep a sentence you said: "So we must observe and evaluate ourselves." I absolutely agree with this. If an educator or administrator does not stop every now and then and evaluate themselves or be evaluated by someone else, there is no progress and no improvement, but also no recognition of positive aspects to keep them up as well.

    Many thanks for your post!

    Kindest regards,