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tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013



I'm continuing my blog from yesterday. Writing in the train again, for the third time :)

Yesterday Dr Sunita Gandhi spoke about the learning process. That teachers should put more effort on the pupils learning process. 

The process is a popular theme. But it's not easy to find the time and place for evaluating the process in a classroom. If you still focus on the outcome. Reflecting and process thinking takes time, at least in the beginning.

Therefore we should encourage our teachers to be more of free spirits. Forget the outcome for a while! Just do it!

If teachers would focus more on the learning process there would also be more time to include ICT in every day work. Searching for knowledge, bloging, writing, painting, planning, evaluating, tweeting ... ICT could be a tool for everybody, pupils and teachers. Supporting everybody's learning process and giving everyone the opportunity to be a more active learner. Taking responsibility for their learning process and eventually also the outcome.

Yes, I know. I'm simplifying everything. But sometimes you have to make it simple, to make it happen.

Dr Sunita Gandhi in Helsinki, Finland. 

Siv Enberg
Teacher of Special Needs Education

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