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tiistai 9. huhtikuuta 2013

An addict to learning


it's a beautiful morning and I'm enjoying this early start by writing my first blog for #Finnedchat. I'm a bit excited. It's ages since I wrote an english text.

I'm travelling by train to Hämeenlinna today. In a couple of hours I will join a workshop provided by Fronter.

I have already  learned so much these past day's. I'm almost feeling overloaded. I have been working with a website at home. But I'm of course eager to learn something today. I have great expectations for this workshop.

It's a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) occasion. I'm actually bringing two devises. One iPad for work and one for fun :) Fun meaning following Twitter and Facebook.

Finnish teachers has to take part in three day's of in-service training. Usually you spend one day with your colleges at school. Learning together. Then you can participate in an in-service training of your own choice. Like I'm today and tomorrow.

Some of us enjoy learning more than others. While some teachers complains about our obligation to be active learners others are really proud of our system. I like it a lot! Usually I'm taking part in a lot of more in-service training than expected. I am addicted to learning :)

Arriving to Hämeenlinna. Have a nice day!

Siv Enberg
Teacher of Special Needs Education
Siv Enberg @pedagogiskt

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